I really thought my life would be different to what it is now. I was meant to be married. I was meant to be on my way to a professorship. I was meant to be getting ready to have kids or already have them. Yet things change. There was some time off uni, there was a break up, there was another break up, there was a broken heart. There was the decision not to do a Phd. There was the thought that maybe I should run a bar, maybe I should act…maybe  I should become a comedian or maybe I should marry rich? Life happened and in the past year I realized that I had become stagnate, that nothing had really changed, that I talked of my dreams but didn’t live them. So I decided to make 2012 the year of the adventure (and tax). The year I took control by following my dreams and taking the risks I had always meant to take, the year I challenged myself to live the life I spoke of living and this is kind of what it looks like.


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