The First Evening in Botswana

So I have been back in Berlin a few weeks now and have only got around to transferring my hand written notes into a digital version and even then not all of them yet. I really have no excuse for being this slack it’s just over whelming trying to tell my African Adventure, it was surreal and breath taking and an experience that I sometimes can’t find the words to describe. I was blessed to share it with my mum and step dad (SD) without their knowledge and enthusiasm and love it would not have been the same. I thank them from the very bottom of my heart for spoiling me with this trip and I miss them dearly already. So I ask you please excuse my writing and if I jump from present to past tense. I am writing from my notes and I just hope I can impart some of the experience to all of you reading.


After 8 hours on a bus another 10 on a plane. Then 8 in an airport due to a broken plane and one drunk douch bag then another few hours on a plane I finally made it to Maun, Botswana. Maun international airport is nothing more than a glorified shed on a dusty stretch of road surrounded by a few buildings and lean twos, it’s a world away from anything.

There are two things that strike you about Botswana. First the people are so friendly and inviting secondly the poverty and the dust and as I sit here the third is the damn Mosquitos and the enveloping darkness. I was collected at the airport by a guy who I think had a tumor on his jaw bone. He was lovely and smiling and kind and I felt bad I didn’t talk to him in the taxi but I was transfixed by the passing scenery. It was like I had stepped into the TV show ‘number one ladies detective agency’. Single room homes lined the single bitumen road which everyone walked next to, we dodged cows and donkeys on the way to my hostel/resort. I have no idea what I was expecting of Africa. This trip I am so unprepared. I am in control of nothing. I am just going with what ever mum and SD have planed. I just want to see animals and feel truly warmed by the sun. I want to somehow store up the heat like a lizard and keep it for the coming Berlin winter.

I arrived at the Old Bridge Backpackers and this place is stunning. Located about 10 mins out of town on a lake/river everything is perfect. My room/tent is perfect. Secluded, so private. My own personal escape form the world. With two beds and a lamp. Not to mention the private bathroom. It has no roof. The shower is outside. So is the toilet. Even though no one can see me there is something liberating about showering under the open sky. Naked to the world. After that long journey it was beyond a joy.

I was talking to a friend the other week and she commented on how much I had chilled out over the last few months and it’s true. I have learnt to take a deep breath and roll with the punches a lot more. I won’t lie I do have to consciously think about this and remind myself that the world isn’t going to end if I am late and if don’t go to something. That the world doesn’t always have to run on time. But let’s be honest it would be really nice if it did.

Right now I have had 2 ciders and finishing a beer and I am ready for bed. I know I should try and socialize some more but I just don’t have it in me. I am looking forward to the last of lex time before embarking on a lot of time in a vehicle with my mother. Who has already called the hostel twice to see if I have arrived. I am pretty sure no one here thinks I am thirty year old. As what thirty year old has her parents ringing to make sure she has arrived at a hostel? Meh I don’t mind let them think I am a child.






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