The African Adventure Begins

Today has been epic. This month and a half has been epic. After finishing up at work I was at a loose end and so partying in the Berlin summer was my priority. I was just letting life figure it’s self out and rolling with the punches. I have really mellowed in my old age. However this life style is tough to maintain. I now sleep during the day and eat at weird times of the day. I have forgotten what it’s like to live 9-5 and days of the weeks are a thing of the past. The start of my thirties has not been adult to say the least.

However in the last weeks I have had to try and organizer everything before embarking on my African Safari. This involved many trips to the alien office where god knows who is in charge and culminated with me being told I was in the country illegally. Mind you this was on the 3rd visit. Which now has lead me to having to hand in documents to police at the airport to make sure I am truly leaving the country. Let’s just all cross our fingers that this doesn’t affect the work visa I am applying for.

So currently sipping wine at the Frankfurt Airport and good god it’s bad. There should be a rule that anything that comes out if a bottle with just the name of the country of origin should not be allowed. Vile over priced airport wine.

I am now counting down the hours until I get to see my mother. It’s been 15 months since I have seen her. I am guessing 2 years since I saw my step dad and I can’t wait. After 8 hours on a bus then some 16 or more flying to Maun I am defiantly going to need a hug. The type of hug only a mum can give.

I am also so unprepared for this trip. As far as I have thought is: Get to Maun. Where someone is waiting with a sign to take me to my hotel/hostel where there is a pool and I might see hippopotamus. Which are one of my favourite animals. I am actually about to spend just under 3 weeks on Safari in Africa. Driving around with my parents. Seeing all the animals and I honestly have no idea what to expect other than it’s going to be hot. I am going to see the sun. Oh how I have missed the sun. I haven’t spent this long with my mother since I visited her in NZ 4 years ago and well let’s say things got a little tense. This time there will be no escape. We are in a camper van or something. I am not really sure… I don’t think I even bought the correct adaptor things for the wall.

Oh well it will all work out and if it doesn’t it’s all part of the adventure.

Time to board that flight. Will keep you updated when I get a chance.



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