A long time between laughs

Over a year has passed since I got up on stage at the Raw Comedy heats and gave this comedy thing a crack. Since then I have toyed with the idea of getting back up on stage and having another go but not whole heartedly, just a feeling that I should. Then on Sunday June 30th I did just that. This time it was completely different. I was nervousness but the hype was less. This was due to it being a snap decision, no long build up. It was a spare of the moment thought; it had been a weird week in the office and I need to prove to myself that I had confidence and could meet the challenges laying ahead. That I could get up and charm and entertain and I just needed to quieten the voices of doubt which had crept into my mind. So I booked a 5 minute spot at the English comedy and music open mic night Buzz Club. I like this room. I have been to watch the show before and it’s friendly and warm and the English comedy scene in Berlin is welcoming and encouraging. I went along to one of their other shows (The Fish Bowl) when I first arrived and befriended a lovely, crazy Scotsman who since has made sure I am always in the loop and know what’s going on. It’s a great community that is nurturing and a good place to start out in the world of Comedy.
I was under prepared for this set. I know this and it did show. I couldn’t use the material I had written for Raw as it was based around my life in Melbourne and since then I have changed as a person. Grown, let go of a lot of the anger that originally drove me to take that first risk.
Two trusty friends came along for moral support, introduced myself to the host for the evening then quickly descended into a slightly catatonic state whilst drying my best to skull the extra strong gin in front of me.
I forgot to ask exactly where I would be in the show, I just knew I would be early on as it was my first time at this stage. It was my first time on stage in a year and in Berlin. I was not quiet ready when after the first music act I was called to the stage…
Fear enveloped me and everything went blank. I couldn’t adjust the mic, I was terrified and shaking. I got through saying my name then nothing. I just stared out into the audience. Silence. They all waited for me to be funny, I wasn’t. I couldn’t even remember what words were. It was an eternity of silence and sweat. Then, BOOM! Words came back to me, shakily at first but then I found my rhythm and I got some laughs. I was to quick, I didn’t hold my punch lines and wait but this will come with practice. It will come when I slow down and breath.
It wasn’t a great set, it wasn’t horrible though, as second times go, I feel I did ok. I am hungry now to get back up and improve the bit. Find a better lead into what I want to say, get more laughs. I think I am ready to launch myself into this world and find my voice.




One thought on “A long time between laughs

  1. I’m so very proud of you darling, there’s no way I could get up and do that. Go girl. Would love to come and watch the next gig. Peters hoping for a rendition in botswana . Xxoo

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