Finding Neverland

June 28th is rapidly approaching, it’s been nearly a year since I left Australia. Left every thing that was comfortable and easy and embarked on an adventure that as you have read has been filled with both highs and lows. This adventure has bought me to Berlin, I was only meant to stay here a month or so, it’s been 8 and now it is home. In my heart I never thought I could do this, be so long away from my family and friends but it’s flown by and I am terrified of the day my visa ends and I might have to get on that plane and leave. Not knowing when I will be back, if I will be back. My heart is here now, not with a boy but with this city. Within the mix of old and new and I think because it was here that I decided to believe in myself. To take note of what I was worth and what I wanted in my life. To not be afraid to ask for what I wanted and demand to be acknowledged.

Here I have found the balance of being an adult and an eternal child. This is a city that allows you to be both at the same time, it’s my Neverland and I am going to do everything in my power to stay. Of course I want to visit Australia and see my friends and my family. I won’t lie I do miss them and I miss the beach but it’s not enough to drag me off this continent permanently just yet. Though ask me about this when I find myself in the depth of another endless winter and I might be singing a different tune. At this stage the plan is such. Apply for all visa options possible, keep my eye out for eligible German bachelors (just in case and most are easy on the eye). Prepare for my trip to Africa and maybe if all else fails buy myself a ticket back to Oz, a return of course.

Not to mention to prepare for the upcoming birthday celebrations.



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2 thoughts on “Finding Neverland

  1. Missing you darling but very pleased that you have a found a place that you love and feel comfortable in. Can’t wait for our Botswana adventure together. Then I can come and visit Berlin. Xxoo

  2. this is a really insight, beautifully written epitaph to 8 months abroad. May the road rise up to meet you (May the wind be always at your back.May the sun shine warm upon your face) and all that. All the best for here on and beyond Lady, you deserve it (and I only spent 5 weeks in Berlin but I loved it too).

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