A taste of things to come

It’s been far to long since my last post, I know this but every time I go to write I just have to much to say. I need to share of how I haven’t had a drink since January 28th and what that has been like and is like. How my job is going. How I have fallen in love with Berlin and want to stay (alright you all probably knew that already). I want to share my obsession with a certain type of German male and how I find myself staring at them like a total creepo. I need to tell everyone how two of my beautiful friends left but in their place I got to more beautiful friends. I have met so many new people. Danced in so many new clubs and bars. Watched the snow fall and cried for no other reason than I am exhausted. Some days I miss home. Most days I don’t thanks to the wonderful invention that is the Internet. Through all of this I think, I must write a blog I get muddled but I am going to write. There will be a barrage of tales and musing from me but for now here are some pictures of my Berlin. Cold and beautiful.





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