30 things to do whilst turning 30

We are two weeks into the New Year and I am yet to write any resolutions or aims for the coming months. This is partially because I have been working on my list, 30 things to do whilst turning 30 and because in my heart I think it’s still the year of adventure, I don’t think that’s ever going to leave. Plus I am not a huge fan of resolutions, you always end up disappointing your self by not sticking to them. So this year I am continuing with the same ideas as last year. Challenge myself when ever I can and step out of my comfort zone. Be honest with myself and be honest with others. Take a chance on a dream you might think is stupid and a new one I am adding is stick up for myself more and don’t always agree to avoid the fight. So those are my ‘resolutions’ for 2013. Now for the list though of 30 things to do whilst turning 30. I haven’t actually got 30 things yet so I will need some help. I have divided it into sections to help organize my thoughts.

1. Get my Julia on and cook a Duck L’Orange
2. Make my mums amazing Beef Wellington
3. Eat at a super fancy expensive restaurant, like Vue de monde

3. Kiss someone under the Eiffel Tower
5. Ask someone out on a date

6. Try my hand at Stand up comedy again
7. Make a coffee table book
8. Leave my mark on Berlin, with my own piece of streetart
9. Record a Vlog
10. Make a sock monkey
11. Take a photography cause

12. Oktoberfest/ Drink in the beer halls of Munich
13. Visit Bordeaux and Champagne
14. Dance the night away in Ibiza

15. Regain my body, also known as getting my Abs back
16. Spend one month sober
17. Get a full health check

18. Attend a fancy charity ball in an amazing gown
19. Meet my Instagram friends

So that’s the list to date. I am only just over half way with ideas. I know I could add some more from my travel bucket list but they feel slightly out of place to me in this list.

Please if you have any ideas let me know. However please do not recommend getting a tattoo or bungee jumping. I have always considered getting a tattoo but there are two things stopping me. I am terrified of pain and I am terrified of my mothers reaction. Yep I am nearing 30 and still utterly terrified of how my mother would react, don’t judge me we all have our quirks.
Bungee jumping just isn’t for me, I am convinced that my back will snap like a twig or the rope will break and this is a fear I am happy to live with, no need to conquer it.

So help me figure out some challenges for 2013 and come along for the ride as the Adventure continues.




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