Roasting a Chook

I have never roasted a chicken before in my life. How have I managed this you wonder, well we have supermarkets that sell them already cooked. Why bother with all the mess and the risk of salmonella poisoning. Frankly cooking chicken gives me the willies. I do cook chicken breast all the time but I am paranoid about it it being cooked the whole way through. This causes me to check more time than necessary and the piece of chicken ends up looking like a victim of a brutal stabbing. So what better time to attempt roasting a chicken than Christmas as no pre-roasted chickens available on the day of baby Jesus birth.
I have gone with a simple recipe that I found on the Internet, as all the cookbooks in my house are in German and google translating a whole recipe would just take to long. I did also have to get my housemate to check if the chicken I had bought did or did not all ready contain stuffing, It didn’t. I assume as most of you reading this know that meant I would need to stuff it. I was not going to make stuffing on top of everything else so I opted to fill its cavity with a lemon.
Now placing my hand inside the chicken was not a pleasant experience and I only enjoy eating crispy chicken skin. Not touching raw, slimy skin that moves like its still alive. Before doing this though I had read some where (possibly the recipe) that I should rinse the cavity, odd moment when your standing at the sink filling a dead, plucked birds insides with water like a cup, it really is just weird. So after basting the Chook in lemon, oil salt and pepper and inserting the lemons I tied it up and put it in the oven for 45mins.
TADDA Roast Chook.


Turns out I no longer need to serve chicken Christmas Day as we have a Turkey Breast, now those I can cook. This means I am serving it tonight, Christmas Eve, which could be even more of a disaster if I poison everyone. Here’s hoping it’s cooked.

Merry Christmas


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