Christmas Movies

It’s two days out from Christmas. Well actually by the time I finish writing this and post it, one day till Christmas. I am sitting here in my apartment in Berlin feeling rather homesick. So I decided to go all Bridget Jones and drink a bottle of wine and watch Love Actually whilst feeling very sorry for myself and half way through glass number two, I got to thinking about Christmas movies and which ones I love watching. Now I have never watched miracle on 30 whatever street but there are a few films that fill me with the Yuletide spirt and here they are in no particular order. Well Love Actually is number one because I am watching it right now.

Love Actually (2003)
Every time I watch this movie or listen to the sound track I believe in love. I feel warm inside and I think it is one of the movies that inspired me to have a white Christmas. It captures the the reality of life but still shows the hope and love plus I get to listen to the lovely tenor of Allen Rickman’s voice, could drive a girl mad. Not to mention Hugh Grant, total dish and what any girl would give to be Natalie. Which is counteracted by the desire to fly kick Kira Knightly in her annoying face. Keep an eye out for the kid with the spiderman face paint in the children’s concert scene makes me laugh every time.

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)
Staring the late, great Jim Varney this film which is one in a series of what might be 7 films and reminds me of my childhood. In particular my eldest brother, we would sit there and giggle away at the slap stick comedy and the stupid faces for hours on end. We have watched this film more than once. The honest truth now is I haven’t seen it since I was around 13 years old. However every Christmas I think of it and I did try and find it for my brothers 30th on DVD, unsuccessful. It’s one of those movies that defines my 90’s childhood and captures the Christmas spirit of the down an out loser that
can save the day.

Home Alone I and II (1990, 1992)
What more can you want at this time of year than an obnoxious blond boy, setting elaborate traps, slapping his face and screaming. Plus this movie was also the first time I heard rock around the clock and fell in love with it. When ever I hear it I am transported to my grade 5 music room and pretending I didn’t like people to hear me sing, when honestly I am a show pony and looked for any excuse to preform in front of a crowd. Cue fake blush. Though in the list of Christmas movies this is essential.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
There is no debate. Jim Carry is the ultimate Grinch and is the perfect person to embody a creation of Dr Seuss. He is a human cartoon, capable of contorting his face in to any character imaginable and taking you on a journey of the imagination. Plus it takes me back to 2nd year Uni sitting in the common room in my Jim-jams watching the Grinch with my old friend Doggy. Pretending to study for our biology exam and pretending not to cry when the Grinches heart grows two sizes to large

So there you have it a few of my favourite Christmas flicks. Please feel free to share yours and follow along for the next few days as I attempt to roast a Chicken, Turkey Roll and lamb.



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