The end of the world

The world was meant to end yesterday, it didn’t. Which honestly I am quiet happy about. There is so much I still want to do and so much I still want to see and experience. I might have been a little pissed to have it all end without getting to hug my family one last time to mend that bridge with my youngest brother. To have one last great love. To gaze down on Paris from the Sacré Coeur and party in Berlin for just a little bit longer and a little bit harder. Ok a lot longer and a lot harder.

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks here in Berlin. I have finished my German course which I am actually sad about, I was finally starting to understand this crazy language. This doesn’t mean I am any better at speaking it. I just understand the grammatical tools I should be using to speak it. Also it made me giggle favourite word so far, Kochbuch (cookbook). Yep I am that immature and just the mere mention of it in glass would send me and another guy into fits of childish giggles.

I took a trip to Den Haag to visit my friends which as always was lovely. Made a couple of trips into Amsterdam and I am now convinced that The Haag, Delft and Leiden are much nicer city’s. Amsterdam was just a mess of people and bikes and for the first time I walked through the red light district at night and it creeped me out. Though I think that is another blog entirely as I am still working my feelings out on that whole situation. It was so much fun to see familiar faces and have the same old conversations. “Which animal are you?” Start new conversations “Which type of dog would you be.” Argue over the same thing “Who’s the tallest” and of course eat to much cheese and drink more Glühwein and red wine than one should whilst listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas album. It was sad to leave my friends behind again and it was also sad to arrive back in Berlin and see the snow has melted away. Fingers crossed it snows before Christmas again. I miss my winter wonderland.

Rainy night in Amsterdam

Little Hans Brinker

Christmas Lights and more rain

StreetArt in Amsterdam

I also started at a new job this week. Okay it’s not a job it’s an internship, that is ‘paid’. It’s with a start up company here in Berlin and it just came along at the right moment. I was thinking about going back to Australia to study Science communications. Actually I was ready to buy my ticket home. I had found a flight that would get me there in time for Easter and more importantly the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, best time of the year in Melbourne if you ask me. Then I got an email, had an interview and all of a sudden I am now working there in their user care department. It has been a shock to the system. In the course of a month I went form nothing to 4 mornings a week at German, to German in the morning and then work until 7:30 at night. My body did not know what to do, nor did my brain. As mentioned previously I think I baked all the learning out of it in Turkey and drank the rest goodbye in Greece. Then anything that remained I defiantly destroyed here in Berlin. So now it’s the slow process of getting used to getting up in the morning going to work and having a routine that doesn’t revolve around. So today lets sightsee and then drink.
So it looks like I will be in Berlin a bit longer and I am hoping to stay much longer so here is hoping that they love me in this internship and offer me a full time job and sponsorship to stay in this country as I want another white Christmas and I think I just saw some small flecks of snow falling out my kitchen window. Here’s hoping.



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