Glühwein, German and Snow Snow Snow

It’s been a big couple of weeks for me here in Berlin. Life just feels like its moving so fast and the moment I make a decision about something everything changes (for the better) and I am back making new plans. I thought a few weeks ago that I had it all figured out, turns out I only have it partially figured out. However life is moving in a direction that I like and here is an update on my current SNOW filled adventures.

1. My first ever Christmas market or in German, Weihnachtsmarkt. It was everything I had ever dreamed of. Light filled Christmas trees, steaming mugs of glühwein the smell of delicious tasty treats and good company. It was defiantly worth extending my trip and I have now made it my mission to go to as many as possible and collect as many mugs as I can send home. It was also at my first market that drinking a protein shake does not count as a meal!





In total so far I have visited 4 markets:

Gendarmenmarket, Charlottenburg Castle, Kulturebrauerei Prenzlauerberg and the Nueklöne community markets. Which was where I discovered apflepunch it’s no alcoholic warm apple cider, very yummy when teamed with a kartoffelpuff (essentially a massive hash brown/potato cake)

2. I began German class and for the month of December I am attending class Monday to Thursday from 10 till 13:30 ish. Now I am extremely bad at this and I am learning for the first time in ages what it is like to be at the bottom of the class. I just can’t get my head around the sounds and my lips just don’t know how to make an “ooeew” sound. This is also not helped by a member of the class who feels he should correct me every time I make a mistake instead of the teacher helping me, interrupts me when I am trying to answer a question and then tells me I am doing everything wrong. I am so close to slapping his obnoxious face and day dream of slamming his head into the desk which then means I miss what the teacher is saying and I am behind even further.
I am getting better slowly, I just panic in real life situations. It is nice using my brain again, boy have I missed that.

3. Now this is the most exciting of them all. It has snowed here in Berlin and hasn’t stopped, pretty much from the start of December. Which is very unusual but I am not complaining. I love it. The streets are like a winter wonderland and it gets caught in your eye lashes and hair. I feel like a Princess when walking through it as the whole world sparkles. I am sure I don’t look like a Princess though with my layers on layers wrapped up in scarves. Which brings me to a question can anyone out there point me in the direction of an amazing coat store in Berlin? I got one from Zara but have decided to return it. Its just not going to cut it in the cold. So I will leave you with pictures of my winter wonderland and the pure excitement that “Christmas is coming!”

The view from my house after the first real snow!

Winter is coming!



They have to lock the Christmas trees up at night so they don't spread to much joy and happiness!

Snowed in.

My home made, hand designed Christmas tree and decorations. Only cost me €10, regular Martha Stuart or “Art Attack”


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