London Calling

Every time I visit London I fall more and more in love with it and now I am just torn between wanting to live in Berlin and wanting to live in London. Why oh why can’t I find a job where I can divide my time between London, Berlin and Melbourne with holidays in the Greek Islands?
This trip to London was more about visiting friends this time but I did manage a checky trip to the Tate Modern a favourite of mine where I got to watch the sunset over the Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Plus some shopping at the Portobello Market and Primark.

The rest of the time was spent out in the English country side. First stop was Reading, where my friend lives with her partner at a swanky public school. The grounds there are so beautiful and it meant that I could take the opportunity to take more pictures of the autumn leaves. I think I might have a small obsession with them.



From there the three of us headed up/over, not really sure not great with directions however we went to Cambridge. Where more friends awaited and lots more leaves for me to photograph.

Cambridge is stunning. It is everything I imagined it to be and I cursed myself for never handing in those applications to do a pHD there. Damn me for being a fool in love.

I am sure there is more to Cambridge than what we did but it was a weekend of walking along canals and drinking in very English pubs. The most notable for me was the Eagle. This is where Watson and Crick announced they had discovered the double helix “the secret of life.” Being the super nerd that I am and my love for all things genetic I got a bit of a thrill out if this.
We went to evensong one night at Kings College chapel, a lovely service with a beautiful choir in a beautiful setting, if you ever go get there early as the line to get in is quiet large and we got seated in the anti chapel where you can’t see as much.

My friend that lives there took us on a walk through the meadows to the next town over to a pub called the Green Man, I highly recommend doing this walk, the meadows are so very english and so is the pub. Warning if drinking scrumpys cloudy cider, it’s 8.5% and goes down way to easily. Hence the reason we were late for evensong.



The other high lights of Cambridge for me where the fudge shop. Can’t get enough of that stuff and the mulled wine. This is obviously a seasonal thing but the wine seller that does take away mulled wine is genius, much better than a cup of coffee.
The only things I didn’t do whilst in Cambridge which everyone raves about is to go punting but by it doing this it just means that I have to return to visit my friends and well I am looking at jobs there just in case Berlin job hunting doesn’t work out.



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