The Stranger and the Job

As promised here is an update on the stranger, he text! He waited until the Tuesday, one full day after the date (Tip#7 take a note boys, this is good timing not to clingy and not to distant, shows he is interested, or I could just be reading to much into. Happy to be corrected). I think this is good. I am feeling positive about this. He is obviously interested in seeing me again and I don’t need a website to tell me i.e. I figured it all out on my own. So we are meeting this evening. Now the panic of what to wear…eeek…. Maybe I should go shopping…yes shopping is a good idea

In other news I don’t think I got the job at Melbourne Canteen, they made me make cocktails and its been a while since I was on the other side of the bar. On a positive note I didn’t drop any plates and did prove to myself that I can make a mean super dirty Martini.

I am off to London for a few days, will keep you posted on how everything pans out. Life in Berlin is looking pretty good right now, plus it’s a beautiful autumn day and I am off to enjoy the sun.




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