Building a Life

I have been in Berlin 5 weeks now and things are falling into place. I have a cute little apartment with a lovely German housemate, who I think I drive a little nuts with my inability to communicate in German or retain German words. It’s in a great area (Friedrichshain) that has lots of bars, cafes and street art and also has some of the last remaining true squat houses. I feel very at home here and have been slowly exploring.


Some pics of my apartment



Some of the streetart.


Treptow park which is near by and is lovely to walk around on a clear autumn day.

During this time I have also been applying for jobs. Not in any serious way just a few emails here and there to hostels and cafes. I have really been enjoying holidays and having time to write and read and not feel guilty about it or go for a 3 hour walk, it’s just fantastic. Though this could all change after this afternoon I have a trial at a restaurant/bar/cafe called Melbourne Canteen Surprisingly enough it’s a restaurant/bar/cafe made in the Melbourne style and all service is in English, perfect for me but not so great for me learning German. Nw it has been a long time since I worked in a bar or cafe. I have become more accustomed to beakers and lab coats though I am sure it will be fine. Kinda like riding a bike, hopefully. So I have gone out and got myself a denim shirt as that’s what all the hipsters that work their seem to wear. I have thrown on my skinny black jeans and Dunlop volleys and lets all cross our fingers that I don’t drop anything or am required to communicate in German… Wish me luck!


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