Stranger on the street

Thursday evening I was leaving C&A (clothing store similar to K-Mart) in Alexanderplatz. I was focusing on my phone trying to figure out which train I needed to catch in the maze that is the Alexanderplatz U-Bahn. When out of nowhere this boy/man was standing in front of me talking away in German. I am completely assuming this is a charity worker trying to sign me up for something. In extremely poor German I utter “Sprechen Sie Englisch? ” He just smiled and said ” I just wanted to stop you and tell you that I saw you and I think you’re cute. ” All I can do at this point is smile and blush whilst my brain kicks into over drive with a million rambling thoughts.
He is part of a pick-pocket gang out to steal my wallet- pull my bag closer to my side and check peripheral vision for on coming people- don’t insult him by letting him see you do this- subtle-subtle- is he a lunatic?- Who stops people on the street to tell them they are cute and cute not pretty or beautiful- is he going to stab me-maybe he is trying to figure out where I live so he can rob my house- yep that’s it he is trying to rob me- hmmm he is kinda cute- sweet smile- kind eyes- nope defiantly out to steal everything I own And leave me in a ditch- He thinks I am cute- this is kinda like a movie- one where the woman gets raped for being an idiot- he is wearing a beanie- surely he is only 19 years old- I am far to old for him this will never work- what kind of freak stops woman in the street- murderer
I am not sure how long I stood there thinking these things but finally I say thank-you and blush some more and stand there in awkward silence trying to figure out what the next move is. How do I get away? Then there is the whole conversation about “Where are you from? Why are you in Berlin. Why would you be here in winter from Australia?” The usual questions then finally “What’s your name?” “What are you doing now?” I have no idea why I answered these questions I guess I was flattered that someone decided to stop me and tell me I was cute, can’t say this has ever really happened to me before. As I am not counting someone sidling up to me in a dark bar and whispering with whiskey breath. “I think you’re hot….wanna come home with me.” Not quiet as rom-com as this. Though some how this creeps me out more, it’s thrown me off guard, I have no idea how to react. All I know is, there is a cute guy in front of me, telling me I am cute and asking for my number. So I decide what the hell lets exchange numbers, I most likely will never hear from him again at least someone thought I looked nice..Or they were trying to steal my wallet. Either way they didn’t get my wallet so we a sticking with he thought I was cute. I say my good byes and leave for a friends place never expecting to hear from him again.
Not even 24 hours later and there is a text from him. I am so jaded that what goes through my head is. Well he must be homeless and think that he can stay in my bed for a night. I don’t know if this says something about me or society… Most likely me that I I have low self esteem and trust issues. So I decide to met up with him, what’s the worst that can happen. Ok I have thought to through but it’s safer than other situations I have put my self in. Firstly I will be sober when I meet him, much better than when I meet most other boys/men/ guys. I get to choose the location and the time, so not a dark bar in and ally. Like is the normal case in Melbourne and as I stated I will be sober. Though I am so cautious about this meeting, so scared and everyone I tell is like “are you sure he’s not a weirdo?” I can only assume he is no more a weirdo than the guys I meet in bars and lets be honest, my track record for choosing men is pretty poor. So why not give this guy a go and see what happens. Surely it can’t be worse than the other guys I meet… Fingers crossed.
The situation has also raised many questions for me. Why I think it’s ok to meet a guy in a pub when I am drunk but not the street when I am sober and more aware of my surrounding? Why do I think it is odd for a guy to tell me I am cute when they are sober and so am I? It’s an interesting situation that I have spoken about with a few people and non of us can come up with an answer as to why we think it is odd to have someone ask us out when we aren’t in a bar situation. Is it because in a bar it is more acceptable to hit on a girl than in the street? In a bar to I give up some of my personal space and feel it’s acceptable for a guy to approach me in invited. Where on the street I feel they are invading my personal space more. I am not sure and I am interested in what others think about this. Also I am looking forward to my date, which will be in a well lit area with lots of people.


2 thoughts on “Stranger on the street

  1. This is great! Well done you – very brave.

    European guys are so much more awesome than Aussie guys in this way – they see a girl they like the look of, so they go and say hello. Flabbergasting how simple it all is.

    It’s not your problem – Australian dating culture is revolting and pathetic. We’re conditioned to be embarrassed or shy or scared about asking someone out, or going to to say hello so it only happens out drunk at bars.

    Think I’ll move back to Europe…

    • Thanks O’D yeah it was really refreshing to have someone come up and talk to me sober, though as I said confronting. Loved though and I think we had a successful date.

      Totally come and live in Europe then men also have accent and think ours is cute.

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