White Knight

This is a very short tale of a man I meet the other night. It would just be wrong of me not to share it as I know the tales of the heart on this little adventure of mine have been lacking and well this one is just kinda funny. Saturday night was a boozy one as there were friends in town and I was keen for some dancing. The night went as such. A visit to a Halloween party, drinking cocktails in a bar with sand on the floor Then ending up at a club in this arty, warehouse section of Berlin (Revaler Straße). I am pretty sure it’s as commercial as it comes but pretends to be underground but who cares, when your drunk and there is a dance floor…
I was out there dancing my little heart out just minding my own business as is the case when I get on a dance floor when I spy this man out the corner of my eye. He is in white pants, white T-shirt and a white fedora hat. He was glowing in the blue lights my White German knight.
As only a knight can he glided up to me and danced right beside me, then slowly placed his hands on my so he could spin me around to face him. I was more concerned about dancing so I stepped back out of reach and continued to dance facing him. I am not sure how long we danced ( probably mer seconds) before his arm stretched again to my hip. I thought, what the heck, I haven’t had a pash in awhile and he is wearing all white! So I reluctantly kissed him and kept dancing. Then he told me to stay there, he need a drink or something. I don’t know it was loud. He spoke German. He was adamant though that I stay there. I said “I am not going any where.” I did leave or he didn’t come back. I’m not sure but I didn’t see the man in all white again. I may just have been facing the wrong way. Or actually moved toward something that glittered. It could have been I got the call from my friends about being locked out and something to do with keys. I don’t know but I never saw my white German knight again.


P.S Not the actual man as not wearing a hat.


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