The Bag

I am leaving Malta after two and a bit weeks. I am sad to be going but excited to continue on my way. It’s been a fantastic rest time for me, until this morning when I went to re pack my bag.

I have no idea where all this stuff came from and it terrifies me that this is all I own in the world right now. Apart from a small bag of belongings living in a London flat until the colder weather arrives. So here it is laid out on the bed, everything I own and how the hell am I going to get it into the bag?


That’s not going to fit. That’s not going to be under 20kg. I just need to get it through this flight then I am done with planes and my bag for a while hopefully just trains where they don’t weigh your luggage but there is normally an awful lot of stairs.

For the first time ever I attempted the roll packing technique. I think it worked.


Now the final step, actually doing it up…


Well it’s all in there, apart from a really bad Kathy Reichs novel. I have no idea if I can carry it and no idea if I can take it on the plane. I may have to add a few extra layers of clothing when I get to the airport.

Watch out Sicily here I come.


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