The Dentist

I don’t like Dentists, I am terrified of them. I know how cliché of me, the hipster in me is not impressed. What can I do though needles going into your gums are down right freaky and wrong and make me queasy. So some where in Turkey or maybe before I am not really sure. I started to get a tooth ache, so I did what any good person would do and ignore it just doped myself up on panadol and neurofen. Also there was no way in hell I was seeing a dentist in Turkey; a phobia and an inability to communicate, no thank you. So I held out till Malta, no offense to Greek dentists I had just heard Malta was good on the health care thing, since they are a destination for plastic surgery, tummy tucks and a whole array of other cosmetic things. So Malta it was also The Giraffes family could recommend a good one.
So I got my recommendation, made an appointment and took my petrified self along. Now the dentist was lovely. She was calm and professional. I was sweating, terrified and about to vomit from fear. She had a look. Yes there is a hole, sorry the x-ray machine isn’t working so I don’t know if you need a root cannel (terror mounting) for now why don’t I fix these few things, a filling and something about an exposed root (if I wasn’t terrified I would have giggled) To do this we need to give you a needle. Full scale terror. I am not proud of this but I cried I was so scared I cried like a baby at the dentist. Yes a 29 year old woman reduced to tears by a needle. Any way I pulled my shit together and on we went with the needle and surprise surprise there was a problem with the needle and she had to go in twice. At this point in time I am in complete distaste and probably not far off either passing out or wetting myself or achieving both at the same time. Once that prosecute was over I had the joy of knowing that I had to go back a few days later when the x-ray machine was working to see if I needed a root cannel.
So I dragged myself back there a couple of days later, the whole morning was cleared just for me, just I case I needed some major work, turns out my teeth not as bad as first thought but still in need of some serious fillings. This time I was all brave and stoic in the chair, no tears from this grown up. Still completely and utterly terrified though just slightly better at hiding it. Alright the dentist knew I was terrified she just pretended I was brave and kept telling me. Like I was a child, I guess I was being very childish. After 5 hours in the chair and 3 more needles most of the work was done. I was exhausted and no longer had the ability to smile, eat or really talk from all the anesthetic that had been pumped into me. I think it was for this reason I was some ow able to muster the strength to smash out a gym session after it. Then the pain kicked in a little later but I killed that with a healthy dose of vodka.
Now to deal with the travel insurance, for that I might need vodka as well.



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