Tips for Turkey

I need to explain a few things about Turkey I enjoyed it, I really did I just don’t think it’s one of the most amazing places I have been and I can’t put my finger on why. Granted it didn’t start in the best way possible with the missing of the plane and being asked multiple times if I was pregnant, it just wasn’t a place I felt I could emerge myself in the culture it felt like I was just being taken from one site to the other in a bus with not much information. In saying all this I had a great time there and here are my tips for Turkey in no particular order.

1. If possible avoid being a single female traveler in Istanbul, pair up with someone from your hostel if possible it just makes life easier.

2. If someone asks you if your pregnant and your not, kick them in the crotch and walk away, this is for both male and females.

3. Have a Turkish bath it’s totally worth letting going of your inhibitions and having old lady tits slap you in the back. For more information on this refer to my blog enters Turkish bath.

4. Go on the V-Go’s Blue Cruise, I went from Olympos to Fethiey but I think Fethiey to Olympos would be better as you end up in Olympos one of my favorite places in the world. The cruise is for those who just want to relax swim and eat some of the best food you will ever get the privilege to eat. Do not expect it to be like sail Croatia, it’s not for those who want to party. Also at the bargain price of €195 for 4 days 3 nights no trip would be complete without it.


5. Stay at Bayram’s in Olympos. I stayed there twice and would happily go back there again for a week or more just to relax and do nothing but swim read books and generally have my brain ooze out my ears. It was the first place on my adventure that I felt truly relaxed. The staff are amazing they even gave me fireworks with my surprise cocktail on my birthday. Not to mention the food is phenomenal and they feed you breakfast and dinner all set on the beautiful beach of Olympos with some amazing ruins. Insider tip but the 10 pass beach card if there longer than a day and multiple people can use it to go through the gates.


6. If you want to get of the Australian tourist path visit Patara.

7. Ephesus is completely and utterly worthy it. Don’t do a tour though. Catch the mini bus from Selcuk town and do it on your own with the free Rick Steve’s audio guide you can down load from iTunes. You do do it in reverse this way but you avoid the tourists a bit. Either go early in the morning or after 3pm. Take water,meat a hat and make sure you pay the extra to go into the houses section undercover. Worth the extra 15 or so Lira



8. Only do Pamukkale if you have time I didn’t think it was awesome as everyone made out there isn’t as much water flowing as your lead to believe and it is full of tourists. Though if you do go walk away from the tourists towards the right and you will have some pools to your self and views. You can eat a picnic lunch there and be sure to check out the ruins so of the best is have seen.


9. Be careful of your drinks as the Turkish don’t do standard measures and well this can lead to some very drunk evenings. Fun evening and it’s alright to sport a hangover when all you have to do is lie on a beach not some much fun when you have to get on a 5-10 hour bus ride the winds around the coast line.

10. Toilet paper goes in the bin not the toilet.

11. The main bus station is called an Otogar and from there a Dolmush will take you into town or to your hostel/hotel it’s normally around 2TL. Also don’t freak out to much when a man takes your bag and runs at a bus after asking where your going. The Turkish bus drivers do seem to know what’s going on they just fail to communicate it to you, I managed to get every where I wanted to go with out getting lost or stolen, even though that’s how it feels at times

12. Eat as much of the local foods as possible and avoid most of the wine, not so great.


13. Unlike me please go to Cappidocia from all that I have heard it is amazing and it just didn’t work into my itinerary this time but I will go back to see it and also Gallipoli another place I wish I could have visited.

So I hope you find these helpful and if you have any other questions please ask me, I will try my best to help. Safe travels to all those visiting Turkey.


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