Please sir I want some more

So it has finally happened something like 5 weeks in and I have had my first holiday pash. There was no dash involved as we are staying in the same hostel and KK and I were leaving on a night bus so we all just spent the day chilling out on the couches. In moments like these you just have to suck it up and get over the shame. It reminds me of going to country 21st and you end up mauling face with someone then more often than not have to endure a morning of making small talk with parents and most likely a couple of hours car ride back to the city with them when all you want to do is lock your self in a dark room and sleep.

The young gentlemen involved I had meet a few days earlier in Fethiye. I do have to emphasize the young part, as he was just shy of 25. Though completely irresistible with his angular jaw line, piercing blue come hither eyes and his penchant for not wearing a top to show of his broad shoulders and chest. Then the accent, oh the accent, he is German and when he talks its very similar to Arnold Schwarznegger, I know he is Austrian but you get the idea. He smiled easily and when you spoke with him his attention was focused solely in you. Oh my did girls swoon in his presence.

The flirting begun back in Fethiye with quiet the sensual massage, it took place in a common area and it made me blush just a little, he had very skilled hands and he seemed to be enjoying it as well. Nothing come of it due to to exhaustion, friends arriving and ideal pension being one of the worst hostels I have stayed in this trip. I said my good byes the next day and begun my journey to Petara with KK not thinking of my German Adonis again.

Until KK and I were in Olympos walking to the beach when BAM! There he is walking past me my German Adonis; hellos were said small talk exchanged, he was staying at the same hostel (Bayram’s) I had an inkling that this could be it, that this was it my first European adventure fling.

Now to just paint a picture of my current state of affairs. I have taken to just wearing bikinis most of the time as I can’t be bothered doing washing, at this point I actually had no pants or dresses as I was doing my washing. I had not washed my hair in a few days. When your swimming every day there is just no point. I have also semi given up on proper showers. I just rinse the salt off apply deodorant and perfume and voila good as new. So I have really entered into a bit of a hippy existence. Make up is no longer a real option as it would just melt off your face in the heat and creat pander eyes when swimming. So KK and I ate dinner with the German Adonis and his equally attractive friend/roomie the Swan. I felt that after dinners should possibly dress myself as it was close to 9:30 and I was still in just bathers and a towel. So KK and I collected our clothes, rinsed and went out to continue drinking. I decided that the best outfit for me would be incredibly short Adidas shorts, some might call them bike pants and a t-shirt that was almost as long as my shorts. I did manage to run a brush through my hair though it is a sad state that I thought this was being fancy.

Next point I need to make is at Bayram’s there is no concept of a standard drink and one of the workers there had taken a sine to me and he expressed this through making me obscenely strong drinks. 3/4 gin 1/4 tonic so one drink was equal to approximately 3 drinks. Not the best recipe for keeping your dignity.

The four of us all continued to chat and drink and just have a good old time when it was decided to head down the road to a venue with live music. So off we went; I poured my remaining gin into a plastic cup, KK had our money and I went out in what essential looked like pole dancing shorts. We jumped on some kind of bus that whisked us away to the music. I was of course seated next to the German Adonis and as we listened to the music, watched some weird Turkish dance/play on TV whilst drinking 3 liters of beer I felt him slowly touch the small of my back, rub my thigh and generally make sure that I knew he wanted me. Yeah!!

The music stopped we had all run out of money and the vibe seemed to be changing to more of a club scene so we jumped back on the bus and back to Bayram’s and some more extremely strong gins. Then it was all hands and kissing, passion and lust. In amongst the drunken haze of making out there are those sobering moments and you go I am far to drunk for this and I am going to bed and you kiss them good night and walk away. Hoping that a small piece of your dignity is in tact. This is what I did which I am sure he wasn’t thrilled about but hey he always has his hand.

I am not really sure how much of my dignity is in tact but I don’t regret it my German Adonis was the perfect first holiday pash extremely attractive, smart and funny and the beginning of what could be a slutty spiral as next stop Greek Islands.



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