The scrub down

Once I had refueled and rested I decided it was time to pamper myself and scrub away the day, What better way than a Turkish Bath. The hostel organized this for me and it cost 55 TL, dirt cheap and a better price compared to some of the other places I had seen around the grand bazaar. The hostel even organized a transfer for you, the only problem with this is you are never quiet sure where you are going in Turkey when you get inside a car. It felt like I was being spirited away to god knows where and was going to be sold into slavery. I made it to the bath house with out being sold, well not to my knowledge any way.

The hamam was very old and traditional and I was taken through to the section for women as I was walking in one of the girls asked me ‘ are you pregnant’ tapping her belly. Yep right then and there I wanted to cry and I vowed never to eat again ( this of course went out the window by dinner time). I had taken my bikinis not knowing if I was going to be completely starkers, keep them on or just go topless, turns out we go topless.

It all starts with a suna it was here I met a lovely English girl Julie both of us had no idea what was going on and were dying in the heat as it was already 35 plus degrees in Istanbul that day and getting in a suna was a tad unbearable. On the bright side I was sweating off my ‘baby weight’. We had both been being modest with our wraps around us when in walked a local woman in just her knickers so now I knew where I stood it was topless. After about 10 minutes of sweating from places I didn’t know could sweat one of the bath woman came to get us. There was three of them, two wore bra and undies whilst the other an older lady with quiet the belly and some large saggy boobies just walked around in her undies, of course this would be the woman scrubbing me. It is here that you have to let any body issues go and just relax into the moment.

It’s quiet the experience your exfoliated head to toe rinsed and then lathered in a pile of bubbles. It’s not exactly gentle and you feel like a rag doll. At one stage I think my woman thought of me as a puppy and was tickling my belly and scraping me behind the ears, at this point in time I just went with it. They also wash your hair for you… Not quiet the same as at the hairdressers, when your sitting semi nude on a stone in front of a tap with a topless woman behind you vigorously pulling at your hair whilst you try and ignore her boobes resting on your shoulders.

After the scrubbing and rubbing your led to a pool to just chill out for a while then back into the sauna. It’s all quiet baffling really and it did start to get weird after a while when Julie and I were just swimming round the pool with our tits out.

I am glad I experienced it and my skin felt great after it might have to do it again before I leave.



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