The first time….

I know I need to tell the tales of my adventures in Belfast, Edinburgh and London but this story needs to be told whilst I am still in its midsts. For the first time in my life I have missed a flight. I have never done this before I am the person who turns up 2 hours early and is happy to wait instead of risking missing a flight. I don’t drink much the night before a flight. I don’t stay out late a night before a flight. I am responsible when it comes to catching planes. I triple check I have passports and ID that I have the right date, that I have all the information possible. This morning however I failed.

I knew I had an early flight from London to Turkey, I had to be at the airport by 5am. It’s the first day of the Olympics they were recommending you turn up 3 hours before for international flights, just incase chaos was to breakout. So I was prepared, I had shed belongs I’m my bag, I had laid out my clothes, I was showering before bed so I could just dress and leave. I had a plan, there was a mini cab coming to the house to take me to the bus which would take me to the airport. I was prepared for my 3 am alarm so I could make my 6:30am flight to Istanbul. I had said my good byes to my lovely, beautiful friends I couldn’t have been more prepared, unless I slept at the airport (I did consider this, in hind sight it might have been the best option). I just wasn’t prepared for the exhaustion that my body has been feeling, bone aching tiredness has plagued me this whole trip. I have tried to catch up on sleep but my body won’t let me. I wake at dawn and fall asleep at midnight or beyond, I try to relax but there is always something to be doing, something to be seeing, I think I fear missing the adventure if I am not out in the world. I have also been cursed with a hacking cough that I developed before leaving Melbourne so nearly a month and. Note to everyone it’s not from smoking! I haven’t had a cigaret in 9 months; high fives to me. This exhaustion meant that even though I woke at 2:30 for a bit I must have in my sleep turned off my alarm and missed the cab coming and ringing and buzzing as I must have been in a super deep sleep.

I awoke at 4:45am. Panic. More panic. Throwing on clothes, total and utter sheer blind panic. I run into my friends room. “I’ve slept in, I’ve slept in.” I don’t think I am actually awake. All I can process is I am meant to be checking in right now for my flight.i have no idea how far the airports from Notting hill (where I am staying) I have no idea how much a cab would cost to get that far and how long it would take. I am not even sure my mind was inside my body at that stage. We have a whole manner of devices open, first point check if the flight is delayed. If there is a delay, there is hope, I could make it. No delays. My fiends fiancé is on the phone to a min cab company,they say 60 quid and it will take 40 mins to get to the airport, plausible. Check to see how much a new flight will be, plausible. I decide however on the mini cab option, best to loose 60 quid instead of a $284 dollar flight. All this is done within 3-5 mins we are all moving at the speed of lighting as time is our only enemy right now. So I wait out the front of the house for the cab, time ticks by and continues, I am watching the sky turn pink, time keeps on ticking. 10 minutes roll past an eternity. No. An it’s now 5:05 am we are an hour and a half from take off and I am not at the airport yet. There is still a 40 minute drive to the airport and it’s the 1st day of the Olympics, London traffic is horrible at the best of times let alone the first day of the Olympics heading to an airport. Still not cab at 5:15. There are a few phone calls and promises of only a few minutes away and more promises that they will have me there in less than 40 minutes. I do some math, I take a deep breath and I realize, I am not going to make this flight. There is no way easy jet will let me check in after 6am for a flight, that is if I made it. Then I would be stuck at Luton airport with no flight to Turkey available unless it cost a very pretty penny. It’s best I come inside and books flight for either later today or tomorrow. I wanted to fly today as I would like to see Istanbul and shop in the bazaar, lex needs a new wardrobe and I would feel cheated if I went to Turkey and skipped Istanbul. Well I found a flight for relatively cheap leaving from Stansted airport at 2:10pm so I booked that flight and tried to go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Sleep was not achieved. There was a tearful phone call to mum as all I wanted at this point in time was a hug and to have my back rubbed whilst a drifted off to sleep. She was understanding, she knew I was prepared and that I was mortified that I had done this. I have always be shocked by how people miss flights. I just never got it. You have a flight you have normally paid a decent amount of money for it. You should be prepared. Now here I am. $200 something dollars later, a missed flight and racked with guilt over it. I guess I hate that I let myself down. I hate hat I did this in front of my friends. Particular my friends fiancé who I have have always worried think that I am a bit of a ditz,a bit to much of a party girl. Some one who always makes mistakes, when I am not really that person at all he just met me in a time where there was a lot of change and I so wanted to show him that I was an adult that I could’ve grown up when I wanted to. I wanted to show my friend this as well, that I have it together, I may not have a boyfriend and be buying the house and getting ready to septal down. But I have it together. I know what I want to experience in life and I can do this but instead they see me miss my first flight ever and Hopefully the only on ever.. Turkey I can’t wait to meet you.



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