Dublin with KK

When my friend KK arrived Dublin didn’t seem so bad. We both wanted to check out the part of town not over run by tourists and see what it had to offer. I had been told by some people to head towards Camden Street as that was the ‘alternate’ part of town with the cool bars,street art etc etc. So we wandered around there after a visit to the museum, which was pretty much mummified leathery remains of people with descriptions of how they were most likely killed then thrown into a peat bog.

Prior to this museum I checked out the Science Gallery at Trinity College. Amazing. It had an exhibition on called Hack the city and was all about artist and computer programmers interacting with the city space, I recommend it if you in Dublin. My favorite piece was by Evan Roth. He had recorded the motion of a graffiti tag and then turned it into a physical structure made out of fluorescent light tubes (check out the pictures and description bellow)




That evening KK and I went in search of food that did not involve a theme pub, Guinness pie and a band playing a frickin’ Irish jig or Mumford and sons. Our search was successful and we had some great pizzas at a little place called Dav’s wood fired pizza in the speak easy bar; 4 south great George’s street, Dublin 2. It’s a cute little bar with kitsch framed pictures, flocked wall paper and some dangerous stairs down to the toilet. I guess it felt like a little slice of Brunswick street, Melbourne. I know I know I should be experiencing new things and not trying to find Melbourne in other countries but I love these style bars and I guess I was feeling a wee bit home sick.

From there we went across the road to the Stag head to catch the second half of a free comedy gig (tips at the end) by Comedy crunch. Now I was really starting to get into the swing of Dublin, the comedians where a bit raw but really funny. Unfortunately I forgot to write their names down, whoops. I totally recommend though checking out Comedy Crunch’s Facebook page if your in Dublin as they have shows nearly every night of the week and some a free some are only a couple of dollars. It’s a great way to get way from the tourist areas and have a laugh. Also even when comedy is bad it can be good or at least make a decent story.


Then we made our way up to Wheelers and watched the drunk and other wise altered individuals from the concert in Phoenix park wander in and dance. This is the sight of the most amusing pick up technique I have ever experienced. One of the above inebriated gentlemen took a shine to me at some point in the evening. I think he mistook my watching him try and dance as me being interested not amused and horrified as his signature move of placing one hand on the floor, thrusting his bum sky high and wiggling it. He sauntered up to me and after refusing his request for a dance a few times he produced a phone charger and tried to lasso me with it, so he could take me onto the dance floor. Why, Why, Why, did he have a phone charger with him? Or did he find it in the bar? Is this a regular move for him? Or for the average Irish gentleman that hasn’t taken off in Australia yet? When that didn’t work he again looped it around me and attempted to ‘sexy’ dance, I resisted. I know how could I resist such amazing moves.

After finally experiencing the Dublin I expected it was time to pack my bags say good bye to KK and head to Belfast.


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