I was lucky with the weather again a beautiful sunny day for my walking tour of Dublin. This one wasn’t with new world as most of the ones I do are. The tour company had blue jackets and the guides name was Paul. He was a brilliant tour guide, as like most he was an out of work actor, he also had an engineering degree, both which as far as I can tell are useless professions to have in Ireland at the moment. He was amazing though, he did little plays of the history of Ireland for us, really bringing it to life not that I remember much now: Something about someone with orange and the English invading again and again then finally independence. It was on this tour that I met one weird, weird German. She had platinum blond hair, goth makeup and clothes. She had been in the German army for 4 years and was a vegan so the pants she was wearing must have been pleather. To top it all off she had been doing a world trip to indulge her hobby of bird watching! I just didn’t know what to do with her, she was very abrupt and and as far as I can tell she judged a city on its ability to cater to her being vegan and the amount of birds she hadn’t seen yet. Dublin apparently only had pidgins and well that didn’t impress her much.. Oh and she had caught dengue fever in Thailand or somewhere like that. I Also met two lovely American girls who where just finishing uni and were so bubbly and sweet, we all went and did the Guinness tour together. Which is expensive but the view from the top floor was stunning and I learnt how to pour a pint of Guinness, not that I didn’t know already but I just wanted to check I was doing it right.




That night we all met up and did a pub crawl. On this I meet an Irish man called Mr Honey. He liked my accent and I liked his,we exchanged numbers and he was meant to show me around Dublin the next day but a hangover got in the way and I was leaving the day after, oh well. He will forever be in my heart for being the nicest Irish person I met, who wasn’t trying to sell me Ireland or anything for that matter, he was just a nice genuine person and for that I am grateful. I lost the American girls around 12:30 and was exhausted and a bit drunk but luckily Paul the tour guide form earlier, who was a bit of alright said he would walk me home as my hostel wasn’t far from his house. Now I know I am bad at reading signs and apparently the Irish tease you if they don’t like you and the same if they want to shag you. Well I had no idea if he was hitting on me or not and just accepted the walk home and went to bed in my dorm alone.



The view that I had seen so far of Dublin was very tourist driven and I was beginning to wonder if anything was real. Temple bar area was revolting and full of stag and hens night and Irish pub after Irish pub. It made my skin crawl. Where was just a pub that wasn’t themed like the country. Where was the food that wasn’t traditional and for gods sake where oh where was some where that wasn’t playing Irish music. I was at the stage of breaking from all the ‘Irish’ and if I saw a leprechaun not only would I steal it’s pot of gold. I would punch it in the face and then kick it whilst it was down and demand it tell me where the other leprechauns lived so I could do the same to them.

Luckily a friend appeared and Dublin didn’t end up being quiet so bad.


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