3 day tour of the west- Day Three

I woke in a better mood on what was the 3rd and final day, this may have been why I was in a better mood. I knew the end was in sight, I would no longer have to sit on that bus with a tour quite that knew nothing, was sleazy and turns out was married. He only put his wedding ring on the morning of the last day. Also I discovered that he had only been touching me inappropriately which creeped me out even more. He had creepy wandering hands that lingered to long on your waist when walking past and eyes that stared only at your chest.

In the morning we went on a horse and buggy ride and my driver Patrick told me all about the wild flowers. I have no idea if anyone else could hear him but it was lovely, in the fresh morning air learning all about fox gloves, daisys and the native trees.



Then it was back on the bus to blarney castle. Which has beautiful grounds and yes I climbed to the top and I pretended to kiss the blarney stone, I wasn’t actually going to put my lips to a stone that thousands of other people had kissed with out wiping it down with an alcohol swab first.



When we finally arrived in Dublin I was relived. Relived to be off that damn bus,mot be away from the tour guide, oh did I forget to mention he was racist and to rid myself of all things Paddy wagon related.i was staying in a new hostel, Isaacs. I highly recommend it. Its around the corner form the horrid paddy’s palace and it’s clean, secure welcoming and no trace of a mold. They also have a suna, I didn’t use it but hey it’s worth mentions. The evening was spent with my travel buddies of 3 days and old lady lex was out in force. I was exhausted and my tolerance for Irish music was low and my tolerance for shots where even lower, so I left the younger kids to there night and enjoyed a good sleep.


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