Ireland Bound

I have been dreaming of visiting Ireland since I was little. I always envisaged riding around it on a bike with my mum. I have no idea why I thought these things as Ireland isn’t really made for riding, it’s wet and there are some hills. For some reason I thought it was flat and that it didn’t rain there much; I was wrong.

I arrived into Dublin at 9:30 at night to 10 degrees and rain, thank god I decided to pack my winter coat. I located my hostel (Paddy’s Palace) after a few false starts and a wee bit of fear I would get mugged, I was wondering around what felt like down town Dublin late at night with a giant sign over my head saying. I am a traveler. I am alone. I am lost. the hostel was dirty dark and smelt of mould, I kept telling myself it’s just a place to sleep, you here for less than 8 hours…Regret started to set in.



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