Den Haag

Arriving at the train station in Den Haag felt surreal and very similar to being in Melbourne, as I was greeted by my old friend LL cool J and it felt just like old times. Its such a comfort having friends that you know no matter how much time has passed you can pick up your last conversation and keep going. Both exhausted from traveling (she had just been in the states) we went to her and her boyfriends house which is about a 10 minute bus ride out of the city centre It had such a lovely small town feel with beautiful forrest and park lands behind it.
This was the first time in days that I had not felt rushed, stressed or like I was forgetting something, I could relax and anything I had forgotten in Australia could be left there. It’s time to start enjoying my adventure.
The next few days were filled with wandering the streets of Den Haag taking in the sights of the city. I prefer Den Haag to Amsterdam. This might be because I had a local guide but I think also because it didn’t seem to be trying to sell its self to me. It wasn’t a tourist trap like Amsterdam. There wasn’t contiki tour kids running around trying out coffee shops and smart stores and pot paraphernalia planted wall to wall. Just lovely old buildings, cobbled streets, bikes and art installations.

<br />20120712-080033.jpg

I visited the Lang Voorhaut urban art display


The beach region Scheveningen. This word was used as a password during one of the wars to detect spies as only a true Dutch person can pronounce it. The beach side is definitely worth a visit with the miles of bars and restaurants lining the sea side where you can relax in the sun with a wine. Wine in the Netherlands only comes in 3 varieties; Red, white and rosé, that’s it but you forgive this when it is sunny outside and your basking in the sun watching the crowds go by.

Whilst at the beach you can’t help but wander through the fairy tail sculptures by Tom Otterness and a visit isn’t complete with out a visit to Crazy Pianos. A dueling piano bar where LL cool J and I pulled up at the bar and watched the hens, bucks and tourist dance and sing. We also had a good old sing ourselves. Awesome fun and Melbourne could really do with one of these places.





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