Delft and Leiden


Without LL cool J I would have never have visited these two towns. Delft is a 15 minute ride from Den Haag and is the home of Delft china (that blue and white stuff they sell in all the souvenir stores). There is no better word to describe it than quiet. It’s cobble streets, bright flowers and crooked houses. It also has a fantastic cheese shop where you can taste test everything, nom nom nom. If only I could carry a hunky of Gouda in my backpack without it starting to become super stinky.


Leiden is a a university town and I got to see wind mills. My first time seeing wind mills in the Netherlands. Leiden is 30 mins from Den Haag towards the airport so LL and I went there for the afternoon before I got on my plane to continue my adventure in Ireland. We sat in the Plaine on the river sipping rosé and eating pancakes, I wish I could have spent more time there, exploring, experiencing the night life and the people, I was sad to be leaving, I had settled into Den Haag and it’s surrounding areas, it could have been because I felt comfortable as I had my friend and she knew where she was going. It could be that the area is so relaxed and the people very kind and liberated, forward thinking. I will defiantly be back.





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