The Last

My European adventure is beginning. After the months of waiting, from the initial thrill of buying the ticket to the [insert descriptive word] of quitting my job, it’s here and it seems to be beginning with lasts. My last day of work, my last brunch with my high school friends and the one that seems to be effecting me the most – the last night in my comfy, comfy amazing bed. I love my bed. It was my first grown up purchase. I spent ages roaming Myers and Captain Snooze looking for the perfect mattress. One that envelopes you in a soft pillowy heaven, caresses you off to sleep and comforts you through heartbreak and hangovers. Then there is the frame on which it lays. What look do you want? How much do you want to spend? Will it fit in your room? I found my bed frame in a small shop in regional Victoria. It’s handmade from beautiful Tasmanian red wood. My bed is, quite frankly, the centre of my universe. It’s been there through it all, solid and safe, and saying goodbye is hard. I will spend the next 6 months or so cheating on it, sleeping on inferior mattresses that many others have slept on (I try not to think of that too often) bunk beds, couches and, god help me, futons. Whilst my bed sits in storage patiently awaiting my return


2 thoughts on “The Last

  1. Hey Lex, I read your “about me” and while it tells a lot about what has happened to you recently and why you’re taking this trip…it doesn’t say where you’re from, how you grew up or any of those things, which left me curious. So what can you tell me about you so that I have more of a base for when I read your writing. Also; if you get the chance then check out my blog at as it’s also a travel blog. I’m currently in Europe too…maybe our paths will cross?

    • Hi Farbolino,

      I have been trying to keep some details about myself private but the basic stats. I am 28, female, from Melbourne Australia and I am a scientist. I enjoy good food, great wine, street art and photography. I will check out your blog and maybe we will cross paths somewhere along the way.

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